What we do

Bschool Travel is the first travel company solely dedicated towards connecting MBA students through travel and networking opportunities. We work directly with students and Universities to design custom travel itineraries. Whether it's a "tech trek" to the west coast or a Pre-MBA trip to Bali, Bschool Travel can help students with all of their travel needs!

Bschool Travel works with Student clubs and organizations to provide unique cultural experiences in several countries.  Japan, China, India, and Israel are often the most common country treks.

Bschool Travel helps incoming MBA students plan pre-MBA trips with their future classmates. We often work with second year students who become Trip Leaders.

Why backpack alone during your preMBA travel experience? Instead, connect with other MBA students from top ranked schools, grow your network, and enjoy some of the most amazing travel experiences on our Cross-MBA treks.

Bschool Travel helps students explore career opportunities during our corporate treks. From Tech to I-Banking, we have an expansive network of companies that are excited to meet MBA students! We make sure we include some fun of these treks as well!

If you are planning MBA travel, please contact us here or fill out our Custom Group form. For samples of some of our itineraries, please visit our Cross-MBA treks page.

What we offer

Student Ambassador program

Earn a free trip and cash incentives!

We are constantly looking for students from all MBA Universities to be our voice on their respective campus. Earn free trips and other cash rewards by referring Bschool Travel and forming large travel groups. For more details about our Student Ambassador Program, please send us an inquiry here.